Saturday, February 4, 2012

Two Ladies on the hills (FRIM, Kepong)

it's been a while seen my last update right?
i actually felt too lazy to even tapping a keyboard!
this is bad! my bad!

Actually i wanna share my experience hiking/walking at Frim, Kepong.
me & my friend arrived at Frim around 2pm.
parked our car at the road side and began!
while hiking we're chatting and catching up 'hot stories' with each other.
actually it's quite scary at some spot since it's just two gurl up there.
there a time that's we bumped into an apes rite beside us! piuhhhh! that's such a panic situation indeed!
luckily there one old man came and expel the apes!
thanks uncle!!

it's exhausted though but we mange to end it tremendously!
bravo to us!!

when we're down, i ask my friend for how long we've actually up there.
and im shocked by her answer!
it's 2 hours of non-stop hiking up there!!
i repeat NON-STOP!!
could u believe it? im not!! haha!

so, please enjoy these pictures of us!
not much i manage to snap!
enjoy =)

really RECOMMEND this spot to all!
till then! see ya! 

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