Thursday, February 4, 2016

Our last conversation..

8.59pm | 04.02.16 

It happened again! yeah.. another one! been there, done that.. 

My life is such a jokes! Penatnya!

I'm running out of time but yeah. Still a mess! 

Maybe I dont deserved anything beautiful kot. Tot this year will be mine but...

It's chapter 2 of 12, still no any sign.

aku saja tulis ni... i wanna read it again when my emotion stable!

"i don't have a proper words to say or to describe on how much i want you. i just want u without any specific reasons. Ur like a piece of puzzle that i'm searching for all this while. But, guess u are someone that i just want but not I need. We're just too complicated to be together. It's hard and hurt to let this go but guess this is never a choice but the only option left. thanks for being a part of my good memories F."