Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Shoes Galore at Home!


It's been a while kan since last post aku. Cerita pasal pengalaman umrah pon separuh jalan. Apa nak jadi la!! My bad my bad!! But, this time aku nak share a very nice experience that I've enjoy last week! 

Ceritanya bermula from an unplanned participation on 1 of contest for staff from Celcom First Elite!! Sebenarnya it's more to educate we the staff on this new product. So, the team conduct la this contest. Actually, masa aku participate tu aku tak tau pun it's a contest. Haha! Teruk kan. The contest tu dekat portal staff & consist of 5 Questions. Then, 1 month later I got a phone call for the winning! Terkejut mak! I've been given a few choices actually & haruslah aku pilih yang paling mahal kan?! Hihihi.. Then, they ask me to choose 1 date for me to experienced it.

So, last week is the day! And aku pilih shoes galore at home memandangkan raya nak dekat & aku takde kasut raya lagi..hihihii.. Okay, let me brief a bit about hadiah ni yer. Shoes galore at home is actually an experience for you to shop at a comfort of your own home. Kira macam kedai kasut datang rumah la gitu. They will bring 12 design of shoes for you to choose & u can choose 3 pairs of it. Sebelum tu they will make an arrangement with u for the shoe size & shoe preference that you like. They also will bring 1 bottle of drinks for you to drinks while shopping & a box of chocolate! 

This experience is brought by The Red Ribbon days & the representative that came on the day is Sharmein! So nice & polite person!! The shoes vendor pulak from Shoes Shoes Shoes!! Pernah dengar tak? Mesti pernah kan? Sebab they quite famous online. And their spokeperson who came is Ms Lina!! Very bubbly, funny & helpfull! Banyak ilmu pasal kasut yang she shared! And you know what, kasut ni semua comfy & they use lamb leather!! Best kan! Okay, nak tau what choice that I've made? Which 3 design that I favor the most? Now, lets the photos do the talking okay?! 

- tengah pening nak pilih which & which!-

- from L-R Sharmein, me & Lina -

- my picks!! -

- closer looks! The blinks take my breath away!! -

- glamorous platform heels for glam accosions! -

- kasut rayaaaaaa!! -

So, itula sikit sebanyak yang aku nak share dekat blog ni! Supaya 1 day bila aku feel like reminiscing good memories I'll look through this blog & counts all my blessing!! Hihihii. Till then, lets meet on my next entry!!