Monday, June 30, 2008

bLoGGiNg MooDs...=B


actually aq ni dh mls tau nk blogging2 bler start bce blog2 my fren cam best lak kn??
so ni yg aq start a new blog AGAIN..haha..but now..doesnt want to promise any loyalty to kept blogging..hehe..

hurmmm..let update in my life as at today....

  • a very2 single bachelor rite now...
  • a gurl thats hepy wif her current life..
  • lurve her family too much!..
  • sedang asyik dibuai sesuatu oleh seseorg...;-p
  • full time worker n a part time student...
  • going to get my own asset sooner...
sampai sni jela dulu ek...esk2..lusa2..tulat2..sambung lg deh...chiow!!

*checkout 'our' fav songs!..haha..

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