Thursday, February 16, 2012

1st Semester END

Time flies fast nowadays don't ya think?
i still remember the first time i surf about furthering my studies.
and in one blink.... 1st sem had ended!!

im not sure what result i would get.
might be miser might be average and i don't think it'll be excellent!
i know my effort and that's why i can say such things! *grin*

this exam month such a tiring week for me!
despite all the studies and work loads, there's also some sort of personal glitch happen!
poor me! poor me!! okay! cut all the sorrowness!
i wanna be happy! i wanna be ME!

what have to be done already be done! *err..?*
let's not regret any! 
and 'redha' for all had happened.
Insyallah i'll be more wise and keep faith.

and now! my semester break has started!
let's use it till fullest!
i had loads of plan in mind! *evilsmile*
let's 'JOGETJOGET' for it.... 

here BIGGEST smile for you reader!!!

"Allah sentiasa mencintai orang-orang yang sabar" (A-li'Imraan 3:146)

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