Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kejutan oooo Kezutan....

Hey all..
what's up ols..urmmm..sory 4 the delaying guys..im quite bz n a bit lazy to updating...haha!!~actually,im so excited to share my bday celebration this year!!~really syiok n felt like i been appriciated by others..so peeps..lets going thru my experience on my 22nd bday..

as all of u know..im quite bz on a weeks be4 my bday..i've gone 4 vacation wif my family n final exam till 9th dec...waaa!!~such a hectic weeks 4 me ever!!~im so "gruelling"..(-_-")

but, i've missed my "lepaking" team somehow...its already been a while since we talk..so..as usual, im arranging some "lepaking" that nite..after been agreed by all..we will meet up at Satay Kajang Haji Samuri at 9pm..

that nite..we done a normal thgs..eat..drinks..laugh..but there were "some issue" that suddenly occurred at the day!!~so..lepaking session that nite were a bit "cold" n "tense" 4 each of us!!..hurmmm...as 4 me..my comment are........it's actually a "childish thg that been prompted by some parties!!..and all we need to do is..ignoring all the stupid thgs!!..we are not that dumb to take it seriously...pullstop!~chooppp!!..okayla..lets cut it off guys..ths thg will spoitling up my mood 4 this entries!!..LOL..

eventually..bcoz of that "stupid" issue happen..it make me myself totally 4get about my bday eve...even when "mr nice" suddently ask us to go back inside..im still no ideas bout it..that's y me n 'farah' r taking some walk at the shop nearby....around 10-15mint, then only we came back to them...and u guest what!!..there were a cake, junk food n a drinks right on the table!!~yihooo...i really felt blessed of it!!..frankly speak, i know they will celebrate my bday..but i didnt expect they will celebrate it this nite (9dec) n automatically be the 1st 4 wishing+celebrate me a hepy birthday!!~

such a wonderful celebration!!..n seriously..i really2 suprised on it!!..n 4 DIC crew..u all are sooooo best ever!!..im so impressed time to time on all of ur frenship spirit among us...thanks to Allah that i've been destined to meet all of u!!..thanks...

end said,i shall give the most credit to amie 4 buying all those stuff n amie also said that ghost who spent all the money 4 it!!..haha!!~no matter what...i thanks all of DIC crew 4 it!!..cheers guys!!~my wishes are...may our frenship will last 4ever!!~enjoy those pics taken by amie...daaaa!!~




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